The Members’ Minute is a unique opportunity for MEDTEQ members to present their organization, expertise and what they are looking for in front of a large Canadian audience.

Last year, 15 members presented what they were proposing and looking for in collaborative projects, each member was allocated one minute for their presentation.

This year, the members’ minute is back in a new format: instead of successive and concise presentations in the plenary room, members will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves during networking moments (+2h30 throughout the day) in the MEDTEQ members’ area.

Key Dates

November 11

Registration opens

December 15

Deadline for applications


This opportunity is only available to MEDTEQ members, whose contributions are in good standing. Any organization wishing to participate in the Members’ Minute must have completed its membership form before the event is held.

The representative of the participating organization must be in possession of a ticket for the 2020 Summit.